Christopher Mühl

Full Stack Web Developer


I've been a programmer for the better part of my life. I started off by creating a small personal homepage for myself that just listed funny videos so I could show them to my friends. Pretty soon I started to wonder how websites could be moved from a static HTML form to something interactive, something dynamic. This has lead me to discover PHP, which I promptly picked up. By now I can't remember most of my first PHP projects anymore, but likely they were websites accompanying some of the gamemodes I started to write for a multiplayer game in the scripting language PAWN.

A couple of years into programming and I have tried a huge variety of languages and made some leaps towards desktop development. Java, C++, C#, I all used for a while to build desktop applications. I ended up prefering web applications for all sorts of tasks and as interactivity and design started to become important to me I began learning Javascript and CSS more thoroughly.

Out of school I was already quite proficient in web development, so after a slight detour I decided to make this my day job. I started an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development, with web development and iOS development luckily being my main tasks.

Nowadays, my main area of work is undoubtedly backend development in PHP. This doesn't stop me from loving frontend development too, although I'm not a designer. Most of my projects I had to work on by myself or with only very few people, so necessarily I needed to gain expertise in other areas of web development as well, leading me to call myself a full stack developer.

Technologies I constantly work with

Laravel node.js Vue.js React Xcode

Languages I have experience with

PHP JavaScript Java SQL Python C C# C++ Prolog PAWN Swift


I'm always up for a chat and I may even be able to work on freelance projects. Just get in touch below.

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